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India experience

When I was visiting India the first time I already knew that I will return again to the country of miracles, tales, fakirs and snake-charmers.
If I should make a description about India as short as I can then I could write a more than hundred pages long book full of my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

My first thought would be, how can such different places belong to one country where different languages are spoken in every state, where Hindi, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Christian and other religious people can live in peace with each other, where the characteristic of the people on the north is completely different from the people on the south. Where thousand year old traditions are cultivated in the holy places and at the same time in the nearest city the most innovative companies of the world are improving their newest technologies, and thousands of Bollywood movies are rolling down the production line of movie industry every month.

Where the number of illiterates is 20% in one part of the country while the number of scripturists is 100% in the other part, where the average number of children in a family is twelve but in other places only two are the maximum.
Where there are the highest mountains of the world, the most beautiful islands, the hottest desert and at the same time on the south the famous monsoon is pouring… and I could still continue the contrasts that give the unique fascination of the country.

Come to India to explore this enormous and diverse country, travel to the Himalayas or to the bald Thar Desert and experience the real India!